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Snatch Recovery or Kinetic Energy Recovery — What is it?

Posted on February 23 2020

A Snatch recovery/Kinetic energy recovery is where a bogged vehicle is recovered by using a mobile vehicle to pull the stuck vehicle free.



A Snatch recovery/Kinetic energy recovery differs from a normal tow recovery because the line connecting the two vehicles is not tensioned prior to the recovery as in a tow recovery.



A Snatch recovery/Kinetic energy recovery relies on the elastic properties of the strap to work properly. During a normal Snatch recovery/Kinetic energy recovery, the strap will elongate by around one meter or 3 feet.



A traditional Snatch Strap is a nylon-webbing strap approximately 9m in length and 75mm wide with eyelets at both ends. It has a typical breaking strain in the order of 9,000 kg for a standard snatch strap. It pays to look after your snatch strap as a nick of only 1cm can reduce its breaking strain by over 50%.



Now we have snatch recovery rope or kinetic energy recovery rope to replace the nylon snatch strap. We have four sizes of recovery rope in stock now.1/2 inch recovery rope,3/4 inch recovery rope,7/8 inch recovery rope and 1 inch recovery rope. We have both 6m(20ft) and 9m(30ft).You can choose according to your requirements.



The Snatch recovery/Kinetic energy recovery technique requires a second mobile vehicle and a snatch strap to perform the “snatch”.



The mobile vehicle is positioned to allow around 2m of slack in the snatch strap, while avoiding getting bogged as well. The direction of both vehicles should be lined up as straight as possible and the strap should not be twisted.

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